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atown , dtown lil crazy 2xw
atown , dtown lil crazy 2xw


We got our first bulldogs in 1988. We dont specialize in any particular blood or one dog! We do specialize in real working dogs!  Having said that we have been successful with Red boy Jocko, Bolio, Jeep Red Boy, Eli dogs  crossed into different working dogs! We work most all of our stock as we try to produce working dogs with every breeding! Our definition of a working dog is very different from most! A Working dog must compete! Working dogs must:

1. Gameness

Working dogs must be determined and be brave to do whatever is asked of them .

2. Intelligence

Working dogs must be intelligent to know when to go for it and when to weather the storm! Dogs must know when to be offensive and defensive and how to pace themselves for any event! Dogs must have plan B, if their normal plan A is not working the must be smart enough to grab an ear or a muzzle and wear a good hog out before going for it! 

4. Ability

Working dogs must be Agile, and great wrestlers ! Conformation plays a big part in ability and is a very important variable in our breeding program! 

5. Temperment

Shy dogs dont make good working dogs! If cant be handled or trained to work they are not working dogs!

6. Work Ethic

Dogs must be willing to train hard ! Nothing more frustrating than a dog that has everything you could ask for and just wont work! ITs like having a talented athlete that hates working out! He wont make it to the olympics!

7. Mouth 

Dogs must have some level of mouth to hurt a hog or deter from attackers ! 

These are what we breed for in our dogs! The only way to develop a good family of dogs is to place them in a competitive environment! Great dogs can not be developed from pedigrees on a computer with percentages they have to be worked!